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Digital Journalism World 2017



(27 – 28 February 2017 | SINGAPORE)

Winning with New Tools & Platform Strategies

Establish Global Digital Priorities & Formulate Your Winning Digital Strategies

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This year, DJW2017 will focus on these key themes - Getting Social & Platform Right, Fine-tuning Mobile Only Strategies, Virtual Reality & Videos & New Roles in Journalism & Newsrooms

Digital Journalism World Summit is back!
The mission of DJW2017 Summit stays true to the roots of its existence: Facilitates industry growth through meaningful exchanges for deep insights, best practices, and emerging trends in the digital spaces to inspire every participants.

2017 will present new updates on the hottest issues impacting journalism!

With celebrated success since 2013, the DJW2017 Summit brings top notch industry players together in the news spaces to discuss about storytelling in the digital platforms: What has happened, what is happening and explore opportunities from what would happen to shape the future of the industry.

Listen to exciting keynotes, panel discussions, real case studies on building your capabilities to cater to a mobile-first audience, get social publishing right and discover how virtual reality, 360 degree storytelling can win audience over, and equip your newsroom adequately for the next new generation of content distribution!  

About DJW 2017

DJW 2017 will present the latest developments in online news content strategies. How to succeed as a Journalism and a new organization with the rise of platform based news. Get the latest insights. Discover your opportunities. Engage the most brilliant minds at  this summit!

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About our events

Our events are specially crafted with you in mind. We focus on industry specific issues and topics that are hottest in the marketplace. Drawing from the experiences and achievements of our expert panel of speakers, our summits will provide you with the real solutions for your work. Join us today! 

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Establish the right connections and learn from the best minds. Seize new opportunities and get new insights on the industry’s hot buttons issues. Gain practical knowledge for your work in news content and journalism with the necessary tools and platforms.

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